3 Reasons to Buy in and Established Estate

March 22, 2019

There are numerous reasons why you should buy in established estate as opposed to a new estate – here are three of them.

One – Know Your Neighbours

Every estate you go to promises that every home will beautiful and every street will be treelined,  The truth isn’t that this isn’t always the case.

What if you build your dream home and the place next door is errr considerably more affordable.  Sure they promise strict Building Guidlines – unil th market gets tough!!  This can bring down the value of your major investment and affect long term value.  And if nobody builds next door?  Stuck next to an empty block for 10 years is not a good look either.

Two – See how the estate is maintained.

Until an estate is will underway you never quite know if the beautiful images that entire you to buy will come true.  Some developers can cut corners to make a profit – by scaling back investment in parks, gardens and community facilities.  Unless you estate is well underway you don’t know how the grounds will look.  A cheap shrubbery and a couple of swings and slides on tan bark don’t add value to the estate.

Three – Established values

One of the major reasons to buy into an established estate in addition to knowing your neighbours and the quality of the homes – is you know what the land is worth and how much to invest.  If you know the estate has filled with lovely established homes and land prices are established you can splash a little more on the luxuries knowing you are investing for the future.  Nothing says “good long term investment” better than rows of lovely homes in a well manicured, carefully managed estate.

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