Developer’s Update September 2019

September 9, 2019

Construction update

Despite the unfavourable winter weather during August, which saw rain fall on just about every day, the construction team at Waterford Rise has done it’s best to keep the show on the road.  Stages 50 & 51 comprising 38 Lots along Henley and Lantana Avenues were completed and Titled since our last report.  The two main sites now under construction are Stages 52 & 53 and 54 & 55 as detailed below.


Stage 52 & 53 (29 Lots)

Construction of Stages 52 & 53 is nearing completion with the roads presently being prepped for asphalt.  Line-marking, final survey, block pegs and fencing are to follow, in conjunction with the various audit inspections leading to Statement of Compliance.  Titles are predicted around mid-October.






Stage 54 & 55 (36 Lots)

Construction progress has been quite interrupted however when the weather has allowed, it’s been all hands on deck with all sorts of work being undertaken.  At the moment, it’s retaining walls, kerb & channel and footpaths.  Titles are predicted around mid-December.