August 2018 Developer Update

August 3, 2018

Our construction team is nearing the completion of the 39 new Lots in Stage 30 on Tarwin Street and in doing so, will complete the all-important final linkage between the estate and downtown Warragul.

The designers of the estate always envisaged that we’d start in the west and work eastward to this spot.  It’s a terrific milestone achievement in the life of the estate and has taken the construction of 627 Lots to get here!

Stage 30 combines a number of outstanding features which come together to make it a unique place to live – the close proximity to town, the connecting pathways linking the estate with Warragul and the Two Towns Trail, the boardwalks and adjacent wetlands and the neighbouring sporting fields.   
If ever there was location, location, location – this is it!

From this point, we head back to the western boundary and start the journey eastwards once again!