COVID-19 Driving Buyers to Waterford Rise

August 21, 2020

Many Melburnians are planning to leave the city behind for regional Victorian towns such as Warragul once the coronavirus pandemic ends.

Experts predict working from home will become normal even after the pandemic leading to less reliability on closeness to the CBD.

This allows people to choose to live a happy, healthy life in a safe place rather than the increasingly crowded suburbs.

As a result Waterford Rise has reported a “significant increase” in inquiries from Metro Melbourne and some of its strongest sales on record – the majority to Melbourne buyers.

Waterford Rise sales manager Ann Maree Clarke said city folk had now experienced remote working and realised the lifestyle benefits from commuting to Melbourne.

“As people work from home, spend more quality time with family and explore their own neighbourhoods due to COVID-19, it’s clear where we live is more important than ever,” she said.

Prices, convenience, quality schools and commuting distance are the key factors boosting the Warragul market.

People appreciate the 25 hectares of open space, fixed price house and land packages and the “builder ready” blocks and free fencing.

“City dwellers are seeing the benefits of working from home in a parkland environment and a larger house with plenty of space rather living in tiny homes on small blocks during lockdown.

“Metro buyers, that are around 60% of sales at the estate, are also keen to take advantage of the low prices in Waterford Rise.

“We have 3 bedroom, two bathroom homes with double garages from $384,158* and 70 house and land packages under $450,000,” Ann Maree said.

Others are viewing the pandemic-impacted market as offering opportunity to get their feet on the property ladder in affordable areas.

“First Homes buyers are also using the Regional First Home Owners Grant to secure homes from $363,818 with the $20,000 grant,” she said.

This an opportunity for young couples and families to get their foot on the real estate ladder.

Metropolitan buyers are targeting Warragul due to its train links, good amenities, strong NBN and internet connectivity to enable them to work remotely.

“People are now seeing the benefits of working from home much more in the future,” Ann Maree said.

“Others are keen to escape the ever increasing congestion of Melbourne to live in Waterford Rise that is 5 minutes from schools, shops and recreation in any direction yet they are still just over an hour from the Melbourne CBD by car or train.”

This also applies to retired couples who can cash out of their Melbourne homes and buy a brand new house in Waterford Rise and pocket the difference in cash to boost retirement savings.

For further information call Ann Maree on 1300 737 094 or go to

This is a house and land package by Simonds Homes on Lot 6510.