Developer update 11 March 2020

March 12, 2020

Developer update

On the sales front, the recent release of the 18 Lots in Stage 63 has proved very popular with 10 sold so far and plenty of interest being shown. 

Be quick if you want to secure any of the great blocks remaining.

Screenshot 2020-03-12 12.17.46

In the largest Stage construction phase of the project to date, the combined construction of the 66 Lots comprised in Stages 56, 57, 58 & 59 is now nearing completion.

Whilst the weather delays have persisted, the construction team have done their utmost to keep things progressing.

Stage 56, 57, 58 & 59 (66 Lots)

Construction has moved on from earthworks and retaining walls to roads and services. 

Titles are predicted around the end of May.

Screenshot 2020-03-12 12.17.54

View from the northern boundary showing Lots ready for fencing

Screenshot 2020-03-12 12.18.03

Screenshot 2020-03-12 12.33.01

Views from the north and south, showing works underway on the extension of Denton Drive.

Screenshot 2020-03-12 12.32.54

Screenshot 2020-03-12 12.18.25

Views from the north and south, showing works underway on the extension of Tambo Drive.

Screenshot 2020-03-12 12.18.34

View from the west, showing roadworks on the extension of Willandra Circuit.

Screenshot 2020-03-12 12.18.42

Installation of drainage pits on Willandra Circuit.

Screenshot 2020-03-12 12.18.49

Preparations for power cabling in Holly Street.

Stage 60 & 61 (28 Lots)

Screenshot 2020-03-12 12.18.55

Preliminary earthworks on the eastern extension to Willandra Circuit.

Stage 62 (28 Lots)

Screenshot 2020-03-12 12.19.04

Preliminary earthworks on Stage 62 (looking east).

To see the lots available click here or call Ann Maree on 1300 737 094