How to Buy at Waterford Rise During Lockdown

April 17, 2020

The covid-19 lock down doesn’t mean you can’t buy property at Waterford Rise.
Modern technology and online services allow you to purchase a lot and not set foot on the office!
Land is available online for buyers and with the latest stages titling in mid 2021 there is plenty of time for you to plan your new home!
First thing you need to do it is find your perfect lot.
Facebook, eDM or text message
Watch out for the latest updates and offers from Accolade/Monument via eDM, Facebook or text.
Go to the Accolade/Monument website and identify the lot or house and land package you are interested in.
The website contains all the lots available and the house and land packages options available on each lot.
You can even download the information to provide you with additional background including all H&L packages!
Interactive Brochure

Contact Waterford Rise and we will send you our new interactive brochure that allows you to discover Waterford Rise at home!

Display Builders

Once you have your lot in mind you can start researching builders for your new home or choose from a range of house and land packages to make life easier.

Google "Waterford Rise Display Village" for more detail.

You can contact Ann Maree by phone, text, email, Facetime or Zoom for a chat.
This is a great way to have a personal meeting without attending the office and it is a popular method of contact currently.
Facetime Ann Maree on 0416 677 588 11am-5pm
If you want to reach her out of hours send a text and chat the next day
Once you have the information you require for your new lot you can start researching builders for your new home.
Or choose from a range of house and land packages to make life easier.
Got to
Once you decide on your block you can make an on-line appointment with Ann Maree to finalise the details and pay the deposit.
Alternatively this can be done via direct deposit so you don’t need to even attend the office.

The sales office is open by appointment 11am-5pm Monday-Sunday so once you find a lot you like you can start making your initial enquiries.
And don’t forget you can secure your new lot with a 10% deposit
For more information contact Ann-Maree to book an appointment on 1300 737 094.