Leave COVID-19 and Make the Tree Change to Waterford Rise

August 14, 2020

Warragul is emerging as a top tree change location for buyers from Melbourne fleeing COVID-19, congestion and high prices.

Located on the edge of central Warragul Waterford Rise is the leading estate in the region.

The masterplanned estate has more than 25 hectares of open space, including 6 major parks, and spectacular views of farmland and the Strzelecki Ranges from its wonderful hillside location.

The Real Estate Institute of Australia president Adrian Kelly expected tree changes will become increasingly popular after the coronavirus.

“We were already seeing a fairly stable increase in sea and tree changes, with people wanting to get out of our big capital cities as they were getting too busy,” he said.

“These days, it’s all about living a happy, healthy lifestyle and sustainability is the keyword. It’s much more difficult to engage in (a sustainable lifestyle) in the large capital cities.

“A lot of people are also starting to look for safer places to live. Since the pandemic, the inquiries have already started for safer and quieter places.”

Mr Kelly said regional areas were more insulated from the crisis and as people sought to steer clear of crowded areas, public transport and congested healthcare systems, country or coastal towns with good infrastructure could be attractive

Search trends clearly show Melburnians are on the hunt for a tree change.

Realestate.com.au chief economist Nerida Conisbee said the areas within commuting distance to the CBD often attracted the most demand.
“People do tend to like the ability to get into the city,” she said. “Although we will be working from home more, it is unlikely you will never have to go into the office.”
Regional areas with train links, NBN or strong internet connection, ample amenities and good employment opportunities were often in high demand, according to the experts.
Waterford Rise is 2kms to central Warragul and the train station and 2kms to the freeway entrance that takes commuters direct to the CBD without a single traffic light.
Affordability is also a key driver for those considering moving away from the big smoke, Ms Conisbee said.
“Moving to a regional area does provide that ability to live in a great neighbourhood and the pricing is much more attractive,” she said.
“One of the challenges for young people living in capital cities is buying is really expensive. Then you put a lot of money towards paying that mortgage off instead of spending on other things, like holidays and cars, that helps the economy.
Mr Kelly said moving regional was attractive to retirees and semi-retirees, especially following improvements to medical services across the country.
“A lot of those people can sell up and be well cashed up, as the property they’re after in regional Australia tends to be much more affordable,” he said.
Ms Conisbee said young people moving to the bush or beach helped distribute economic growth more evenly throughout Australia.
If you would like to live in Waterford Rise then there are house and land packages available but you will need to be quick.
For further information on buying in Waterford Rise call Ann Mareee on 1300 737 094 or go to www.waterfordrise.com.au.