New mural lightens up Drouin street

May 25, 2021


A plain wall has been transformed into an impressive mural featuring local birds and flowers in Commercial Place in Drouin just 6km from Waterford Rise. 

A year in the making, the mural is being funding by anonymous local people who simply want to have something uplifting and beautiful in the town. 

However, behind the graffiti art mural is a powerful message to save Drouin’s trees as urban development expands.

Dan Wenn, the artist behind the mural, said the most difficult portion of the mural lay ahead; the rainbow lorikeet with 25 different colours.

“We’re doing two birds – a rainbow lorikeet and crimson rosella – and they are sitting amongst Ficifolia”, Mr Wenn said.

Mr Wenn, who lives in the Yarra Ranges, has previously worked on projects in Warragul and at Lardner Park.