Autumn 2023 Construction Upate

Summer 2022 – Construction Update

December 6, 2022

Stages 65 & 67

Construction for both stages started in September and is currently in its 5th phase. Titles are anticipated in May 2023.

Image of Stage 65 Ashdown Drive looking north.


Image of Stage 65 Ashdown Drive looking south.


Stages 68 & 69

Image of Stage 67 and future Stages north. 

Preliminary earthworks are continuing. We are working on having the Detailed Engineering Plans approved by council to allow stage construction to commence. Titles are anticipated in September 2023. 


Stages 70, 71 & 72

Image of stages 68-72.

Preparation of the site is underway, with construction anticipated to start in April 2023. We expect Titles in January 2024.