November 4, 2018

Waterford Rise resident Eric Clough has been driving Bus Route 85 through the estate since May. The bus stop is opposite the ELC and goes from Warragul CBD and railway station to the Drouin station in a big loop.

Eric lives up on Highvale Rise and says the bus takes 5-6 mins to drop passengers off from Waterford Rise to the centre of town.

He said he loves the neighbourly atmosphere of Waterford Rise and the quietness of the estates. One of his favourite locations is the Country Club where he regularly heads with 6-8 of his new friends.

Eric’s wife Natalie is also a local worker with a job in the ELC and she gets to wave to Eric out the window every hour as he comes through. Natalie was previously working in a supermarket in Glen Iris, driving in every day for 6 months.