Waterford Rise further enhances connections

September 7, 2020

Waterford Rise’s connection to Warragul is one of its most powerful reasons people are moving to Waterford Rise.

In a few months, the estate will become even more integrated with Warragul following the construction of Longview Rd that connects with Sutton St.

The new link provides direct connection from the north of the estate to the heart of the Warragul shopping centre and all the services it offers.

Longview Rd will connect with Crole Drive in the estate in the east, and the corner of Sutton and Pharaohs Rd (close to Tarwin Rd) to the west.

The new road will exit close to the Warragul Country Club, providing a direct avenue for residents to a key sporting and entertainment precinct.

Longview will extend over the high wall that separates Thompsons Park and Strachan Park and will open up the new stages that are being constructed.

Waterford Rise is interconnected with the main routes of Warragul.

The resident’s other route into Warragul is from the estate’s southern entry/exit at Highvale Rise that is approx. 1.2 km link to the retail centre via Princes Way.

The Crole Drive exit/entry is also the closest point to the Princes Highway that provides a direct link from Warragul to the heart of the Melbourne CBD and links to key metro locations.

With its location on the border between Warragul and Drouin, Waterford Rise is also the closest estate in the region to the six lane freeway!