Waterford Rise Garden Competition winners 2019

December 1, 2019


Judge by Brad Deacon

Flemings Landscapes

I was impressed by the quality of the gardens as we drove around and the overall appearance of the estate is a credit to you all!


Marilyn & Murray Davidson      19 Highland Way          
A feature of our front garden which slopes up towards the house is a range of shrubs and grasses of subtle green, gold and burgundy foliage set amongst rocks. A row of silver birches create a screen across part of the house and Japanese Maples provide a lower canopy of trees which link back to the trees on the north side of the drive and around the front door. It is a very low maintenance garden which always has some colour no matter the time of the year and the silver birch trees provide shade in summer and beautiful white textured trunks in Winter.
Great design.  Silver birches look awesome.

Screenshot 2019-11-28 16.35.12 Screenshot 2019-11-28 16.35.27 Screenshot 2019-11-28 16.35.36 Screenshot 2019-11-28 16.35.48 Screenshot 2019-11-28 16.35.57 Screenshot 2019-11-28 16.36.05



Daniel & Marolo Worrall           15 Golden Ave  

We have lovely floating type steps surrounded by lovely ground covers, succulents and other greenery and finishes off with some well placed slate rocks.

Great steps. Love the rocks.  Very tasteful garden.


Screenshot 2019-11-29 08.47.27 Screenshot 2019-11-29 08.47.36




Kenneth Kitchen      19 Ashdown Drive         

We have a neat, reasonably maintenance free garden that lights up in spring and autumn. Looks good in all seasons.

Striking garden. Compliments house.  Love the urn.


Screenshot 2019-11-29 08.47.56 Screenshot 2019-11-29 08.47.46