Why first home buyers are moving to Warragul

October 29, 2020

For Saleste and Matthew Noonan, buying a new home will bring them closer to their families and also help support Victoria’s recovery.

But while on-and-off lockdowns encouraged them to finally take their first step onto the property ladder, it was the government money on offer that swayed them to a new build that will help support more than 100 trades from carpet firms to tilers and bricklayers.

“The $25,000 made us think ‘go for it’,” Ms Noonan said. “And Matt works in construction, so it’s a really positive thing.”

The pair…bought…. a four-bedroom new house by Burbank at Waterford Rise meaning they are also eligible for $20,000 in state government grants.

“We are country kids essentially, and as we have gotten older the idea of having some space and going back to the country is really appealing,” Ms Noonan said.

She advised others considering their first home to put aside what people told them about homes being unaffordable and to have a close look at their situation and what was on offer.

“Doing that research might make you empowered enough to stop feeling you will never get in because you eat too much avocado on toast,” she said.

This story was published in the Herald Sun 7 October 2020

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